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When it comes to the home building industry, trends tend to stick around for a while, popular styles and processes evolve over time. Kiplinger’s Economic Outlook said that new home construction is expected to increase by about 16 percent or 580,000 homes in 2014.  That means if you’re one of the 580,000 building a new home in 2014, you can rest easy knowing that many of the trends that have been growing in popularity over the last few years will continue to be popular in 2014.

So, what do new home contractors expect to see a lot of in 2014? Here are the contractor services that are already buzzing in neighborhoods around the country.

Hottest Trends in New Home Construction for 2014

Flexible Floor Plans
In the U.S., residential general contractors are seeing that more households are becoming multigenerational, which means rooms must be built with change in mind. A teenager’s bedroom may need to turn into an office after he/she goes off to college. Dedicated living rooms are being replaced by large multipurpose family spaces. Many new home contractors design “bonus rooms” specifically to adapt to these ever-changing conditions.

Our lives are getting busier, so it’s a good thing that automation costs are decreasing, It’s more affordable that ever to control your home’s security, electronic, temperature and lighting though a smartphone or tablet. Many residential home contractors are installing multiple automated controls to manage these aspects of the home, even if you are not in the house.

Sustainable Designs
If you are like many homeowners, you will want to limit the energy and water used throughout your home. High-efficiency windows, geothermal air conditioners and furnaces, low-water toilets and sinks, and spray foam insulation, are increasing in popularity in the world of contractor services.

Say good-bye to high cabinets, spiral staircases and wasted wall space. The homes of 2014 are easy to move around in with open designs, wide doors and spacious hallways. Many residential home contractors are building elevators in two-story homes for people with physical limitations.

More Storage Space
New home contractors are building more spacious walk-in closets and more cabinets. These days, cathedral ceilings are actually declining in popularity as homeowners look for more useable space below the roof. Garages are also increasing in size to accommodate more automobiles, machinery and gear.

Screened Porches and Outdoor Living Rooms
Homeowners are seeing the joys of bringing their home life outside.  The backyard is becoming part of the floor plan for contractor services when sliding glass doors lead to patios and decks. Screened porches and outdoor living rooms are blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. With the addition of an outdoor fireplace and heaters, it is becomes a year-round livable space. Consider increasing the functionality of the area with an outdoor kitchen and electronic systems.

New home construction and remodeling projects are expressions of your needs, tastes and priorities. Once you have come up with a solid idea, do yourself a favor and work with one of your local new home contractors.  Incorporating one or several of these ideas into your new home construction will not only keep you on trend, but also enhance the entire atmosphere of your custom home.